The Jurisprudence Institute for Sports, Entertainment, and Social Justice, (JI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and public policy think tank organization based in Washington, DC.

The Jurisprudence Institute’s mission is to conduct independent, high-quality, innovative, thoughtful, economic, cultural, and social environmental research, as it relates to members of the sports, entertainment, and society-at-large.

The Institute will research, analyze, review, examine, monitor, conduct studies, and prepare reports on issues that relate to these groups, and individuals. The objective will be to offer answers and solutions to those adversely impacted by the findings.

As a result of our research, the Institute will offer advanced, practical recommendations that promote goals of providing a progressive and open-minded perspective into the experiences of people most affected by the lack of introspective public policy initiatives.

Also, the purpose of the Jurisprudence Institute will be to act as a monitor of trends, economic issues, marketing initiatives, journalism coverage by the media, disposition of legal matters handled within our legal system and its fair and equal treatment of individuals that are members of these respective sports, entertainment, and social justice circles.

The Jurisprudence Institute will provide studies, reports, position papers, public relations, press releases, related journal articles, newsletter, and advocacy for the members of these various groups.

Additionally, through the Jurisprudence Institute’s analyses, experience, training, education, and insight the Institute will:

Advocate for the fair and equal treatment on behalf of members of the sports, entertainment, and social justice groups;

Monitor the fair and equitable media treatment with regard to the coverage of members of the sports, entertainment, and social justice groups;

Offer inter-community professional services and relations that foster fairness, economic and social welfare, security and opportunity for all Americans;
Provide member services and programs that will benefit the development of our members and at-large partners which will promote further understanding;
Promote coalition and consensus building through partnerships with organizations, institutions, associations, guilds, and corporations;
The Jurisprudence Institute will strive to be consistently ranked as the most influential, most quoted and most trusted Think Tank that research and advocate sound public policy with regard to the sports, entertainment, and social justice policy issues that affect individuals of these groups.